Q. I’ve never even heard of NESTA – what is it?

A. NESTA is the North Eastern Speech and Language Therapists’ Association. It is made up of local SLTs, and has been going for over 30 years. Its main aim is to bring high-quality, good value training courses to the North East.

Q. What kind of courses does it organise?

A. We try to provide courses which are relevant and useful to SLTs and associated professions. For example, we have recently provided courses on Intensive Interaction, Mindfulness, and AAC.

Q. Any good courses coming up?

A. Courses in the pipe-line are in the courses section of the website. Please let your NESTA rep know if there are particular courses you would like us to run.

Q. Sounds great. But are they expensive?

We subsidise all our courses for NESTA members, so they are as cheap as possible. In fact in recent years we have even run some free courses for NESTA members! And all for a bargain membership fee of £7 (early bird) for SLTs, £4 for SLTAs.

Q. Okay, so how do I join?

Easy. Email your rep or kaori4nesta@outlook.com for an application form and then return it electronically.

Q. Do I have to pay by cheque? I haven’t got a cheque book!

No problem, we accept payment via on-line banking. But be sure to use your name as the “Reference” when you submit payment, and don’t forget to complete and return the NESTA Application form.